Hi, I'm Alex Thompson. I'm a developer, cartographer, and geospatial analyst.

I enjoy exploring big data and turning it into useful geovisualization. Please connect with me on LinkedIn or AngelList!

Unnamed Visualization Tool
Web-based geospatial visualization
Wedding Map
Mapping our wedding
Explore DC
Touring America's capital
Nitrate Values to Cancer Rates
Examining the relation between nitrate and cancer in Wisconsin
Census Explorer
Exploring census data geospatially through a web interface
Housing in the United States
An overview of the housing market in the United States using D3
Where We Work
A look at the industries Americans are working in across major metropolitan areas
Deep Space
A Mapbox tileset style inspired by Star Trek and science fiction
Italy to Austria
Routing a 3,178 kilometer biking adventure across Italy and the Alps
America Loves Coffee
An infographic on America's favorite caffeinated beverage